eUltra Teleconsultation Services

UltraCare Teleconsultation Services – Consult a Doctor by Staying at Home

UltraCare is dedicated to providing its patients with high-quality healthcare in a convenient, secure, and safe manner.

Our consultants are now accessible to provide our cherished patients with teleconsultation services. Additionally, you might benefit from broad guidance on all diseases, including coronavirus.

The UltraCare Teleconsultation Service is easy to use


To schedule a Teleconsultation appointment, dial 0554285566. (Mon to Sunday: 7 am to 11 pm)


Our consultant or a general practitioner are both available for teleconsultations.


The appointment will be scheduled by a member of our call center based on the doctor’s availability and your needs.


Our call centre agent will walk you through your alternatives for paying the Teleconsultation cost. Select your selected payment method and proceed as directed.


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