The Department of Pharmacy Services at UltraCare Hospital offers cutting-edge pharmacy services with the goal of offering our clients compassionate, moral, easily accessible, and high-quality pharmacy services. The Department is proud to give both inpatients and outpatients access to high-tech, cutting-edge professional services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Facilities & Services

The Pharmacy Department is a centrally located inpatient hospital pharmacy that offers full service. Both patients seen by our outpatient service departments and clinics as well as all inpatients are given services. At UltraCare Hospital, hospital and clinical pharmacists work with doctors to achieve desired therapeutic outcomes, prevent or minimize drug-related problems, and enhance medication use. They are essential members of the healthcare team.
All patients’ computerized patient medication profiles are kept up to date by the pharmacy department. On-demand, clinical consultations are given to patients and doctors. The pharmaceutical department is specifically in charge of:

  • The requirements for purchasing all pharmaceuticals in terms of quality
    entire medication manufacturing and distribution process.
  • The management and control of medication expenditures.
  • The observation and confirmation of the standards of drug usage.
  • The analysis of drug literature and the dissemination of knowledge about medications and illnesses.
  • The use of professional and scientific standards when choosing, giving, and checking on the effectiveness of all drugs for all patients.