There is a way to straighten your teeth without the use of metal braces. With what is known as “invisible orthodontics,” you have the option of having your teeth straightened and aligned while wearing a transparent, sometimes detachable device. Adults who have professional occupations and don’t feel comfortable using ugly “train track” braces for extended periods of time often choose this option. Depending on the unique situation of each patient, the highly developed technology of invisible orthodontics often leads to a much shorter treatment time for patients. 



The Smile Kensington team can use the Inman Aligner system to straighten front teeth in an average of 6 to 18 weeks, which is great if you have a big event coming up or if your lifestyle prevents you from undergoing extensive orthodontic treatment. With its revolutionary nickel-titanium construction, the detachable Inman Aligner system rapidly and softly realigns teeth into the correct position. You won’t suffer the kinds of hygiene issues that fixed braces can cause since you may take them out to eat and to brush your teeth.

Close up of the mouth of a girl with dental braces.

Available teen orthodontics

Compared to adults, treating teenagers’ teeth is a lot simpler. Waiting may result in extended treatment times and the need for more complicated orthodontics. We primarily apply braces to youngsters aged 12 years plus.
Please be aware that adolescent braces are less expensive than adult braces. You may give your youngster a straight grin as soon as you begin.